Morisonite Jasper Cuff

Morisonite Jasper Cuff

About this Cuff:


Leather Cuffs are made with vegetable tanned leather. They are a statement peice of jewlery that can go with so many outfits. 


This cuff is hand made with stamping on the band and has been dyed by hand so minior varriations in the color are normal. This cuff has been paired with a Morrisonite Jasper. It has a lovely creamy grey one one side and a rusty fire on the other side separated by a thin white crystal band down the center of this teardop stone. Size Small.


Sizing Info:

You will want a little space to flex your wrist as the front face is almost 2" wide, but since it is two layers of leather that have been laminated it will not stretch with wear. Fit is really just the wearers preference.

Small: 7" between snaps, best fits wrist 6.25" - 6.75" 


Due to the natural stone, this cuff should be handled with care. If dropped, the stone could be damaged and the warranty does not cover stone damage. 

  • Leather Disclaimer

    Items are made with vegetable tanned leather. Leather is a natural product and therefore each item has individual grain characteristics and can have natural blemishes. These are not defects.

    Natural leather absorbs dyes and oils at different rates, so subtle color variations are normal and add to the character of each piece. Over time oils from your skin will add even more patina to your earrings.