Wild Rose Journal

Wild Rose Journal

About this Journal Cover:

Featuring a traditional western floral along the bottom of the journal and a black boarder, this is a more understated carving. All art is original. 


This journal cover is made from vegetable tanned leather (5/6 oz on exterior and 3/4 oz on interior) with an intigrated pencil/pen loop. The thread is black to accent the journal cover. There is a small raven logo on the interior pocket.


This journal cover was designed to fit a Moleskin Notebook and comes with a Moleskin Thin Notebook installed. It can be refilled with the Thin or the Classic Notebook. 



Open Flat: 9 1/8"x13 1/8"

Closed: 9 1/8"x6.5"


This is a finished product and not able to be customized. If you are interested in ordering this journal with some special requests, please email info@windyraven.com

  • Leather Disclaimer

    Items are made with vegetable tanned leather. Leather is a natural product and therefore each item has individual grain characteristics and can have natural blemishes. These are not defects.

    Natural leather absorbs dyes and oils at different rates, so subtle color variations are normal and add to the character of each piece. Over time oils from your skin will add even more patina to your wallet.