About Windy Raven


Aaron came to Montana from Alabama due to a love of the mountains and ice climbing. He aspired to be a mountain guide but plans changed and he found himself working a desk job. That life was a far cry from what drew him to Montana so he set up a small shop in the garage. 


Ellen had wandered for several years around the Northeast before she moved to Yellowstone National Park and discovered that she really belonged in the West. After Yellowstone, she moved to Montana where she met Aaron. Ellen had worked in software recruiting while making wallets on the side for a year, but decided to forgo the traditional job in an effort to find more balance in her life.


Aaron and Ellen live and work from their small off grid log home in Montana surrounded by sage and juniper and just a few miles from the Missouri River. They enjoy hiking and skiing on their property and camping around Montana in the summer months.


About Windy Raven Leather Goods

Ellen had been playing around with the concept for The Clutch for years before it came to life; first prototyped in felts, and then later in leathers, it took years to refine the designs to what they are now.

The Clutch was designed to have easy card access and be modern enough to carry for a night out on the town. The other styles soon followed as she day dreamed designs while working and came home to sketch out the ideas.

Ellen was given a set of old leather tools from Aaron's Father and soon the idea to learn how to tool and carve was set into motion. Working in leather has allowed Ellen to return to art in a new and challenging way.